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Movella (NASDAQ:MVLA) specializes in motion capture and analysis technology, offering cutting-edge solutions that transform the way movements are captured, analyzed, and interpreted across various sectors. Their operations encompass the development of technologies instrumental in enhancing performance in sports, health, and entertainment sectors, providing accurate data for athletes' training improvements, patient rehabilitation processes, and animation for films and video games. Movella's projects often involve collaboration with leading enterprises and research institutions to push the boundaries of motion tracking and analysis. The company's main objective is to democratize access to precise motion capture data, making it possible for users at all levels to benefit from advanced motion analysis. Through continuous innovation, Movella aims to expand its impact, helping industries worldwide to achieve breakthroughs in their respective fields by leveraging the power of detailed, accurate motion data.
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Information Technology

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Henderson, United States

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/Investment Management /Real Estate /Portfolio Diversification /Asset Acquisition /Business Advisory /Financial Strategy

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Overview of Movella offerings
Motion capture solutions tailored for film, gaming, and animation studios to create realistic character animations and virtual environments.
Portable and wireless systems for sports performance analysis, enabling athletes and coaches to improve technique and prevent injuries.
3D depth-sensing and motion analysis technology for healthcare applications, including rehabilitation and biomechanical assessments.
Inertial sensors and systems designed for drone and robotic applications for navigation, stabilization, and flight control.
Real-time motion tracking technology for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) platforms, enhancing immersive experiences.
Consumer-grade motion capture products for fitness and educational purposes, making complex motion analysis accessible to a broader audience.

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Movella leadership team
  • Mr. Eric C. Salzman
    Mr. Eric C. Salzman
    CEO and Director
  • Mr. Stephen M. Smith
    Mr. Stephen M. Smith
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Dennis A. Calderon Esq.
    Mr. Dennis A. Calderon Esq.
    General Counsel