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Mount Gibson Iron (ASX:MGX) is an Australian iron ore producer with a focus on high-grade hematite iron ore. The company's flagship operation is the Koolan Island mine, which is located in the Buccaneer Archipelago off the coast of Western Australia. Mount Gibson Iron also has a number of other iron ore projects in development in the Mid West region of Western Australia. Koolan Island is a high-grade iron ore mine that has been producing since 2007. The mine has a long reserve life and is expected to continue producing for many years to come. Shine is a lower-grade iron ore mine that is currently on care and maintenance. The company is considering a restart of the mine in the future, subject to market conditions.
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Perth, Australia

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/Iron Ore /Mining /Resources /Western Australia /Materials

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Iron ore mining: Mount Gibson Iron mines iron ore from its two mines in Western Australia: the Koolyanobbing mine and the Extension 7 mine. The company's iron ore is high quality and is in high demand from global steelmakers.
Iron ore processing: Mount Gibson Iron processes its iron ore at its on-site processing facilities. The company's processing facilities produce a range of iron ore products, including lump ore, fine ore, and pellets.
Iron ore transportation: Mount Gibson Iron transports its iron ore to port by rail. The company has a long-term rail transportation agreement with Aurizon, which ensures that Mount Gibson Iron has reliable access to port.
Iron ore sales and marketing: Mount Gibson Iron sells and markets its iron ore to a global customer base. The company has a team of experienced sales and marketing professionals who are responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with customers around the world.
Iron ore exploration: Mount Gibson Iron is actively exploring for new iron ore deposits in Western Australia. The company's exploration program is focused on identifying and developing new iron ore resources that can be brought into production in the future.
Iron ore development: Mount Gibson Iron is also developing new iron ore projects in Western Australia. The company's development projects include the Iron Bridge project and the Shine project. These projects are expected to come into production in the coming years.

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Mount Gibson Iron leadership team
  • Mr. Peter W. Kerr B.Comm, CA, F.Fin, M.AusIMM, M.AICD
    Mr. Peter W. Kerr B.Comm, CA, F.Fin, M.AusIMM, M.AICD
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Ms. Gillian  Dobson
    Ms. Gillian Dobson
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. David J. Stokes A.C.I.S., B.Bus, L.L.B.
    Mr. David J. Stokes A.C.I.S., B.Bus, L.L.B.
    Company Secretary & General Counsel
  • John  Phaceas B.A.
    John Phaceas B.A.
    Manager of Investor & External Relations
  • J.  Fitzgerald
    J. Fitzgerald
    Group Financial Controller