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Motorsport Gaming Us LLC (NASDAQ:MSGM) is a dynamic entity immersed in the creation and publishing of interactive racing games. The company crafts immersive gaming experiences that resonate with the speed, thrill, and passion found in real-world motorsport events. With a portfolio that includes officially licensed games for some of the biggest names in racing, Motorsport Gaming Us aims to bridge the gap between virtual and physical racing, ensuring fans can engage with their favorite motorsports in new and exciting ways. Projects range from mobile to console platforms, each designed to offer a unique gaming experience that caters to both casual players and hardcore racing enthusiasts. The company's objective revolves around expanding its footprint in the esports realm, enhancing its game offerings, and fostering a robust community of motorsport gaming fans worldwide.
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Communication Services

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Miami, United States

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/Video Games /Digital Entertainment /Esports Competitions /Game Development /Virtual Racing /Interactive Experiences

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Overview of Motorsport Gaming Us offerings
rFactor 2, a highly regarded and realistic racing simulation game for PC, offering a comprehensive driving experience with realistic physics and dynamic weather.
24 Hours of Le Mans Virtual, a premier global virtual racing event that invites professional drivers and sim racers to compete in a virtual rendition of the iconic 24-hour race.
NASCAR Heat series, a popular NASCAR racing video game franchise that brings the excitement and strategy of NASCAR races to fans on various gaming platforms.
IndyCar game, an officially licensed racing simulation that offers fans the opportunity to experience the thrill of the high-speed IndyCar Series.
GT Manager, a mobile game that puts players in the role of a GT racing team manager, responsible for strategy, vehicle upgrades, and race day decisions.
Project CARS series, offering an immersive racing experience with a broad range of vehicles and tracks, noted for its cutting-edge graphics and realistic driving physics.

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Motorsport Gaming Us leadership team
  • Mr. Stephen  Hood
    Mr. Stephen Hood
    CEO & President
  • Stanley  Beckley
    Stanley Beckley
    Chief Financial Officer