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What does MorningStar Partners L.P. do?
TXO Energy Partners (NYSE:TXO) operates primarily in the energy sector, focusing on the exploration, development, and production of oil and gas resources. Their projects span across several key oil and gas regions, where they apply innovative techniques and technologies to optimize production and exploration efforts. MorningStar Partners aims to create sustainable value through environmental stewardship, operational excellence, and strategic growth in their core areas. Their objective is to enhance shareholder returns while maintaining a strong commitment to safety, community engagement, and environmental responsibility. With a clear focus on leveraging their expertise in the energy sector, MorningStar Partners continues to pursue opportunities that align with their strategic goals and contribute to their long-term success.
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Where is the head office for MorningStar Partners L.P.?

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Fort Worth, United States

What year was MorningStar Partners L.P. founded?

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What does MorningStar Partners L.P. specialise in?
/Investment Management /Private Equity /Venture Capital /Growth Financing /Portfolio Management /Fund Operations

What are the products and/or services of MorningStar Partners L.P.?

Overview of MorningStar Partners L.P. offerings
Oil and natural gas exploration and production, focusing on hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling techniques.
Midstream operations, including the gathering, processing, and transportation of oil and gas.
Renewable energy projects, particularly in wind and solar power, aiming to balance sustainable practices with traditional energy production.
Advanced data analytics and technology deployment in exploration and production operations to improve efficiency and reduce environmental impact.
Land management services, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and optimizing resource extraction.
Investment in carbon capture and storage technology to reduce carbon footprint and advance towards a more sustainable energy future.

Who is in the executive team of MorningStar Partners L.P.?

MorningStar Partners L.P. leadership team
  • Mr. Bob R. Simpson
    Mr. Bob R. Simpson
    CEO & Chairman of the Board of TXO Energy GP, LLC
  • Mr. Brent W. Clum
    Mr. Brent W. Clum
    President of Business Operations, CFO & Director of TXO Energy GP, LLC
  • Mr. Scott T. Agosta
    Mr. Scott T. Agosta
    Chief Accounting Officer of TXO Energy GP, LLC
  • Mr. Keith A. Hutton
    Mr. Keith A. Hutton
    President of Production & Development and Director of TXO Energy GP, LLC
  • Mr. Gary D. Simpson
    Mr. Gary D. Simpson
    Senior Vice President