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Monash IVF Group (ASX:MVF) is a leading provider of fertility services in Australia and Malaysia. The company offers a wide range of services, including assisted reproductive technologies (ART), preconception health assessments, genetic testing and counselling, and women's ultrasound. Monash IVF Group's operations are focused on providing its patients with high-quality, compassionate fertility care. The company has a team of experienced fertility specialists, nurses, and counsellors who are committed to helping their patients achieve their family building goals. Monash IVF Group also has a strong focus on research and innovation, and is constantly looking for new ways to improve its services and outcomes.
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Health Care

Where is the head office for Monash Ivf Group?

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Victoria, Australia

What year was Monash Ivf Group founded?

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/Medical /Health /Medtech /Pharmaceutical /Hospital /IVF

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Overview of Monash Ivf Group offerings
Fertility treatments: Monash IVF Group offers a range of fertility treatments, including in vitro fertilisation (IVF), intrauterine insemination (IUI), and other assisted reproductive technologies.
Genetic testing and counselling: Monash IVF Group provides genetic testing and counselling to help patients understand their risk of genetic conditions and make informed decisions about their fertility treatment.
Support services: Monash IVF Group offers a range of support services to patients and their families, including counselling, financial support, and educational resources.
Research and innovation: Monash IVF Group is committed to research and innovation in the field of fertility, with a goal of developing new and more effective fertility treatments.
Education and awareness: Monash IVF Group provides education and awareness resources to help people understand fertility and infertility.
Advocacy: Monash IVF Group advocates for the rights of people with fertility problems and works to improve access to fertility care.

Who is in the executive team of Monash Ivf Group?

Monash Ivf Group leadership team
  • Mr. Michael D. Knaap
    Mr. Michael D. Knaap
    CEO, MD & Executive Director
  • Mr. Malik  Jainudeen
    Mr. Malik Jainudeen
    Group CFO & Company Secretary
  • Dr. Hamish  Hamilton
    Dr. Hamish Hamilton
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Dr. Richard Charles Henshaw M.D.
    Dr. Richard Charles Henshaw M.D.
    Executive Director
  • Dr. Deirdre  Zander-Fox BSc. (Hons.), Dip. of Mgt, Ph.D.
    Dr. Deirdre Zander-Fox BSc. (Hons.), Dip. of Mgt, Ph.D.
    Chief Scientific Officer
  • Mr. Thierry  Panthier
    Mr. Thierry Panthier
    Chief Information Officer
  • Ms. Fiona  Allen
    Ms. Fiona Allen
    Chief Marketing Officer
  • Ms. Peggy  North
    Ms. Peggy North
    Chief People & Culture Officer