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What does Monadelphous do?
Monadelphous Group Limited (ASX:MND) is an Australian-based engineering, construction, maintenance, and industrial services company. The company provides a range of services to the mining, energy, and infrastructure sectors. Monadelphous has a strong track record of delivering complex projects on time and within budget. Monadelphous' operations are focused on the delivery of engineering, construction, maintenance, and industrial services to its customers. The company has a team of over 8,000 experienced and skilled employees who are located across Australia and internationally.
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What sector is Monadelphous in?

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Where is the head office for Monadelphous ?

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Head Office
Perth, Australia

What year was Monadelphous founded?

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What does Monadelphous specialise in?
/Engineering /Mining /Infrastructure /Construction /Maintenance /Industrial

What are the products and/or services of Monadelphous ?

Overview of Monadelphous offerings
Engineering: Provides engineering services for the resources, energy and infrastructure sectors.
Procurement: Procures materials and equipment for construction and maintenance projects.
Construction: Constructs and commissions industrial facilities and infrastructure.
Maintenance: Provides maintenance services for industrial facilities and infrastructure.
Industrial services: Provides a range of industrial services, including demolition, remediation, and heavy lifting.
Work on major projects: Currently working on a number of major projects, including the Ichthys LNG Project, Gorgon LNG Project, Wheatstone LNG Project, Prelude FLNG Project, Roy Hill Iron Ore Project, and South Flank Iron Ore Project.

Who is in the executive team of Monadelphous ?

Monadelphous leadership team
  • Mr. Robert  Velletri
    Mr. Robert Velletri
    Executive Chairman of the Board
  • Mr. Zoran  Bebic CPA
    Mr. Zoran Bebic CPA
    MD & Director
  • Mr. Philip  Trueman
    Mr. Philip Trueman
    CFO & Company Secretary
  • A.  Cook
    A. Cook
    Executive General Manager of Engineering Construction
  • Ella  McCarthy
    Ella McCarthy
    Group Manager of Marketing & Communications
  • Ms. Kristy  Glasgow
    Ms. Kristy Glasgow
    Company Secretary
  • A.  Reid
    A. Reid
    Executive General Manager of Maintenance & Industrial Services