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MonaCoin (CRYPTO:MONA) is a Japanese cryptocurrency that was created in 2013. It is a peer-to-peer decentralized digital currency that is not subject to government or financial institution control. MonaCoin is based on the Bitcoin protocol, but it has a number of unique features, such as a faster block time and a larger maximum supply. MonaCoin is a proof-of-work cryptocurrency, which means that miners are rewarded with MONA tokens for verifying transactions and adding them to the blockchain. MonaCoin has a block time of 1.5 minutes, which is significantly faster than Bitcoin's 10 minutes. This means that MonaCoin transactions are confirmed more quickly. The MonaCoin team is actively working on a number of projects to improve the MonaCoin protocol and to expand the ecosystem of MonaCoin-accepting merchants and services. One of the most notable projects is the development of a MonaCoin debit card. This card would allow users to spend MONA at any merchant that accepts Visa or Mastercard. The main objective of the MonaCoin project is to create a decentralized digital currency that is easy to use and accessible to everyone. The team also aims to promote the adoption of MonaCoin in Japan and around the world.
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/Lyra2REv2 /Medium of Exchange /Memes /Mineable /PoW

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Overview of MonaCoin offerings
In-game purchases: MonaCoin can be used to buy in-game items and currency in a number of online games.
Investing: MonaCoin can be bought and sold on cryptocurrency exchanges like CoinEx and Zaif.
Money transfers: MonaCoin can be used to send and receive payments from anyone else in the world who has a MonaCoin wallet.
Online payments: MonaCoin can be used to buy goods and services from a number of Japanese online merchants.
Tipping: MonaCoin can be used to tip streamers and content creators on platforms like Twitch and YouTube.