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What does Mobile Global Esports do?
Mobile Global Esports (NASDAQ:MGAM) specializes in the burgeoning field of mobile esports, focusing primarily on organizing, promoting, and expanding competitive gaming events and communities, especially in the collegiate sphere. The company actively develops and nurtures esports ecosystems, engaging university students and young adults through tournaments and digital media platforms. Their objectives revolve around bridging the gap between educational institutions and the esports industry, offering students unique opportunities to engage with competitive gaming both as participants and as spectators. By fostering such connections, Mobile Global Esports aims to cultivate talent and promote esports as a viable and influential component of digital culture and entertainment.
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Communication Services

Where is the head office for Mobile Global Esports?

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Connecticut, United States

What year was Mobile Global Esports founded?

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Year Founded
What does Mobile Global Esports specialise in?
/Esports Management /Tournament Organization /Game Promotion /Brand Partnership /Live Broadcasting /Digital Entertainment

What are the products and/or services of Mobile Global Esports?

Overview of Mobile Global Esports offerings
Mobile esports tournaments, organizing competitive gaming events for university and college students.
Esports team development, building and managing teams to compete in various gaming competitions.
Mobile gaming app development, creating engaging and competitive gaming applications for mobile platforms.
Esports arena construction, investing in the infrastructure to host live gaming events and tournaments.
Esports educational programs, providing training and workshops for aspiring gamers and esports professionals.
Merchandising, offering branded merchandise and gaming accessories for fans and players.

Who is in the executive team of Mobile Global Esports?

Mobile Global Esports leadership team
  • Mr. Sunny  Bhandarkar
    Mr. Sunny Bhandarkar
    CEO & Director
  • Mr. Kenin Mathew Spivak J.D.
    Mr. Kenin Mathew Spivak J.D.
    Co-Founder & Senior Advisor
  • Nicholas  Svarnias
    Nicholas Svarnias
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Ms. Kim  Meltzer
    Ms. Kim Meltzer
    Chief Gaming Officer
  • Mr. Nicholas  Venezia
    Mr. Nicholas Venezia
    Chief Data Officer
  • Mr. Rishi Sharad Jaitly
    Mr. Rishi Sharad Jaitly
    Chief Strategic Officer