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What does MMA Offshore do?
MMA Offshore (ASX:MRM) is an Australian offshore marine and subsea services company. The company's operations include the provision of vessel services, production and offtake support, IMR, ROV, dive and survey support, vessel management and technical services, and subsea services. MMA Offshore operates a fleet of over 40 vessels and has a team of over 1,100 employees. MMA Offshore's current projects include the provision of support services for a number of major oil and gas projects in Australia, as well as the development of new offshore renewable energy projects.
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Where is the head office for MMA Offshore?

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Perth, Australia

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What does MMA Offshore specialise in?
/Oil /Gas /Boats /Engineering /Infrastructure /Logistics /Transport

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Overview of MMA Offshore offerings
Offshore vessel chartering: MMA Offshore provides a fleet of modern offshore vessels for charter to the oil and gas, offshore renewables, and other marine industries.
Offshore construction and maintenance: MMA Offshore provides a range of offshore construction and maintenance services, including subsea installation, platform maintenance, and decommissioning.
Offshore subsea services: MMA Offshore provides a range of offshore subsea services, including inspection, maintenance, and repair.
Offshore engineering and design: MMA Offshore provides offshore engineering and design services for a range of offshore projects, including pipelines, subsea infrastructure, and offshore platforms.
Offshore project management: MMA Offshore provides offshore project management services for a range of offshore projects, from start to finish.
Autonomous underwater surveys: MMA Offshore provides autonomous underwater survey services to help clients collect data on the seabed and sub-seabed.

Who is in the executive team of MMA Offshore?

MMA Offshore leadership team
  • Mr. David Colin Ross
    Mr. David Colin Ross
    MD, CEO & Director
  • Mr. David  Cavanagh
    Mr. David Cavanagh
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Tim  Muirhead
    Mr. Tim Muirhead
    Company Secretary & Executive GM of Legal
  • Ms. Liz Sheil Buckey
    Ms. Liz Sheil Buckey
    Executive General Manager of Corporate Development
  • Mr. Geoff  Hebiton
    Mr. Geoff Hebiton
    Financial Controller