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MKAM ETF (NASDAQ:MKAM) is an actively managed exchange-traded fund aiming to deliver market returns with lower downside risk. It utilizes a proprietary algorithm that combines valuation and trend analysis to invest in a diversified mix of US equities and fixed income. The fund seeks to capture a majority of stock market gains while offering potentially less volatility compared to traditional equity investments. MKAM is co-managed by Mkam ETF LLC and trades on the NASDAQ stock exchange.
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Las Vegas, United States

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/Equity Investments /Passive Management /Diversified Portfolio /Global Exposure /Long-Term Growth /Risk Management

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Overview of MKAM ETF offerings
Global Equity Fund, focuses on diversified international investments for long-term growth.
Smart Beta strategies, employs alternative index-based approaches aiming for higher returns.
Income Fund, designed to provide investors with steady income through dividends.
Sustainable Investing, offers portfolios prioritized on environmental, social, and governance criteria.
Emerging Markets Fund, targets investments in developing economies for potential high growth.
Technology and Innovation Fund, concentrates on companies leading in tech and innovation for future gains.