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What does Mingzhu Logistics Ltd do?
Mingzhu Logistics Holdings (NASDAQ:YGMZ) specializes in comprehensive logistics and transportation services across various regions. With a focus on offering tailor-made solutions, Mingzhu caters to a diverse clientele, ensuring their cargo, ranging from general merchandise to specialized items, reaches its destination efficiently and securely. This commitment extends through its strategic network of road transportation services, which are designed to optimize delivery times and cost-effectiveness. Mingzhu is dedicated to enhancing its operational capabilities and expanding its reach to better serve its customers while pursuing sustainable growth and innovation within the logistics sector.
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What sector is Mingzhu Logistics Ltd in?

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Where is the head office for Mingzhu Logistics Ltd?

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Head Office
Shenzhen, China

What year was Mingzhu Logistics Ltd founded?

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What does Mingzhu Logistics Ltd specialise in?
/Logistics Services /Freight Transportation /Truckload Services /Cargo Management /Goods Storage /Supply Chain

What are the products and/or services of Mingzhu Logistics Ltd?

Overview of Mingzhu Logistics Ltd offerings
Truckload transportation services, offering reliable and efficient cargo transport options across various regions.
Warehousing and storage solutions, providing safe and secure spaces for diverse merchandise.
Freight forwarding services, facilitating smooth and timely international goods transport.
Customs brokerage, assisting businesses in navigating complex customs procedures for international trade.
Supply chain management, optimizing logistics operations for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
E-commerce logistics, supporting online retailers with fulfillment, distribution, and return services.

Who is in the executive team of Mingzhu Logistics Ltd?

Mingzhu Logistics Ltd leadership team
  • Mr. Jinlong  Yang
    Mr. Jinlong Yang
    CEO & Chairman
  • Mr. Jingwei  Zhang
    Mr. Jingwei Zhang
    Chief Financial Officer