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What does MicroCloud Hologram do?
MicroCloud Hologram (NASDAQ:HOLO) specializes in the development and application of holographic technology, focusing on integrating these advanced visuals into various sectors including advertising, entertainment, education, and smart cities. The company is traded on the NASDAQ under the symbol HOLO. MicroCloud Hologram's projects range from creating immersive advertising campaigns to developing educational content that leverages the unique capabilities of holographic visuals. Its objectives are centered around pushing the boundaries of holographic technology to create innovative solutions that enhance user experiences across multiple platforms and industries, driving forward the adoption of holography in everyday applications.
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What sector is MicroCloud Hologram in?

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Information Technology

Where is the head office for MicroCloud Hologram?

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Shenzhen, China

What year was MicroCloud Hologram founded?

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Year Founded
What does MicroCloud Hologram specialise in?
/Holographic Technology /Cloud Services /3D Visualization /Interactive Display /Augmented Reality /Virtual Projects

What are the products and/or services of MicroCloud Hologram?

Overview of MicroCloud Hologram offerings
Holographic Software and Content Services: They develop software tools and holographic content creation to be used in various applications.
Smart Car Holographic Electronics: They develop holographic technology specifically for the automotive industry, like holographic dashboards or infotainment systems.
Holographic Cloud Data Processing: They offer data processing solutions that leverage holographic technology.
Holographic Intelligent Visual Services: They provide holographic-based visual recognition and analysis services.
Holographic SDK Technology: They offer a software development kit (SDK) that allows developers to integrate holographic functionalities into their applications.
Holographic Digital Twin Technology Services: They create digital replicas of physical objects using holographic technology.

Who is in the executive team of MicroCloud Hologram?

MicroCloud Hologram leadership team
  • Mr. Guohui  Kang
    Mr. Guohui Kang
    CEO & Director
  • Ms. Bei  Zhen
    Ms. Bei Zhen
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Guolong  Qi
    Mr. Guolong Qi
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Mr. Jianbo  Zhou
    Mr. Jianbo Zhou
    Chief Technology Officer