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Metrics Income Opportunities Trust (ASX:MOT) is an Australian listed investment company (LIC) that invests in a portfolio of private credit investments. The fund's objective is to provide investors with regular monthly income and capital preservation over the long term. Metrics Income Opportunities Trust invests in a diversified portfolio of private credit investments, including corporate loans, senior debt, and mezzanine debt. The fund's investment team has a deep understanding of the private credit market and uses a rigorous investment process to select investments.
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New South Wales, Australia

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/LICs /Investment /Fund /Managed fund /Wealth /Financials

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Overview of Metricsome Opportunities Trust offerings
Private credit investment: MOT invests in a portfolio of private credit investments, which are loans to companies that are not publicly traded. MOT's private credit investments include direct loans, syndicated loans, and mezzanine debt.
Investment management: MOT is managed by Metrics Credit Partners, an experienced investment management firm with a proven track record of generating attractive returns for investors.
Access to private credit: MOT provides investors with access to private credit investments, which are typically not available to retail investors.
Risk management: MOT has a robust risk management framework in place to protect investors' capital.
Liquidity: MOT is a listed investment company, which means that investors can buy and sell their shares on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).
Income distribution: MOT aims to distribute monthly income to its shareholders.