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MetalsTech (ASX:MTC) focuses on gold and lithium exploration, particularly with the development of the Sturec Underground Gold Mine in Slovakia and the Savoulle Lithium Project in Quebec, Canada. Situated in the Central Slovakia Volcanic Area, the Sturec Gold Mine lies between Kremnica and Lucky, about 17km west of Banska Bystrica and 150km northeast of Bratislava. While the Savoulle Lithium Project is in Canada’s emerging James Bay lithium district.
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Subiaco, Western Australia

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/Gold /Mining /Lithium /Canada /Slovakia /Resources /Exploration

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Sturec Gold Mine (Slovakia): has a 100% owned Kremnica mining licence, covering 9km2 in the secure and cost-effective EU jurisdiction.The project offers the potential for simplified underground mining techniques and processing methods, presenting a lucrative opportunity for both current and future extraction.
Savoulle Lithium Project (Canada): covers < 300km2 on the highly prospective east-west trending Lac Guyer Greenstone Belt which hosts the Adina Lithium Project (Winsome Resources, ASX: WR1).

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Metalstech leadership team
  • Mr. Gino  D'Anna B.Com.
    Mr. Gino D'Anna B.Com.
    Founder & Executive Director
  • Mr. Paul  Fromson
    Mr. Paul Fromson
    CFO & Company Secretary
  • Mr. Robert  Sills
    Mr. Robert Sills
    Non-Executive Director & Technical Director