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What does Meta Data do?
Meta Data (NYSE:MDT) specializes in developing innovative data analytics solutions and services designed to harness the power of big data. The company focuses on transforming raw data into actionable insights for businesses across a variety of sectors, including finance, healthcare, and retail. Meta Data operates globally, delivering state-of-the-art software and consulting services that help clients optimize their operations, drive growth, and improve decision-making. Beyond its primary focus, the company also invests in research and development projects aimed at pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Meta Data's objective is to remain at the forefront of technology by continuously adapting its offerings to meet the evolving needs of its diverse client base, ensuring they stay competitive in a rapidly changing digital landscape.
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Consumer Discretionary

Where is the head office for Meta Data?

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Head Office
Beijing, China

What year was Meta Data founded?

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Year Founded
What does Meta Data specialise in?
/Data Management /Business Intelligence /Project Consultancy /Data Integration /Software Development /Cloud Services

What are the products and/or services of Meta Data?

Overview of Meta Data offerings
Artificial Intelligence Education (AIE): Meta Data offers a smart training system incorporating virtual reality, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and other technologies to enhance the teaching and learning process.
Supplementary Math Training: A core service is providing after-school math programs for young children. These programs aim to improve students' math skills and problem-solving abilities.
English Language Learning (FasTrack English): Meta Data offers FasTrack English services, which provide English language learning programs for students, potentially enhancing their communication and career prospects.
Online and Offline Learning: Meta Data caters to various learning preferences by offering both online and offline educational programs. This allows students to choose the mode that best suits their needs and learning styles.
K-12 Student Focus: Meta Data's primary target audience is students in kindergarten through 12th grade (K-12). Their programs are designed to address the specific educational needs and developmental stages of this age group.
International Market Reach: In addition to serving students within China, Meta Data offers its educational programs in international markets as well. This expands their reach and potential student base.

Who is in the executive team of Meta Data?

Meta Data leadership team
  • Mr. Li  Xiaoming
    Mr. Li Xiaoming
    CEO & Chairman
  • Mr. Chee Jiong  Ng
    Mr. Chee Jiong Ng
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Shengcong  Ma
    Mr. Shengcong Ma
    COO & Executive Director
  • Mr. Jinshu  Ke
    Mr. Jinshu Ke
    Senior Vice President of Government Relationship & Public Affairs
  • Ms. Rebecca  Shen
    Ms. Rebecca Shen
    Investor Relations Director
  • Ms. Ida  Yu
    Ms. Ida Yu
    Investor Relations Director