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What does MEI Pharma do?
MEI Pharma (NASDAQ:MEIP) is a biotechnology company focused on the development of novel therapies for cancer. Its operations span across the discovery, development, and commercialization of drugs meant to provide better outcomes for patients battling various types of cancer. With a keen eye on innovation and patient care, MEI Pharma's projects include a diverse pipeline of oncology candidates in different stages of clinical trials, aiming to address unmet medical needs within the cancer treatment landscape. The objective of MEI Pharma is to push the boundaries of cancer therapy, striving to deliver next-generation treatments that can improve the quality of life for patients worldwide. With its unique approach to tackling cancer, MEI Pharma is committed to becoming a crucial player in transforming cancer treatment paradigms.
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Health Care

Where is the head office for MEI Pharma?

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San Diego, United States

What year was MEI Pharma founded?

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Year Founded
What does MEI Pharma specialise in?
/Cancer Therapeutics /Drug Development /Clinical Trials /Pharmaceutical Research /Oncology Solutions /Medical Innovations

What are the products and/or services of MEI Pharma?

Overview of MEI Pharma offerings
Voruciclib, a CDK inhibitor aimed at treating B-cell malignancies and acute myeloid leukemia.
ME-401, a selective oral inhibitor of PI3K delta, focusing on chronic lymphocytic leukemia and follicular lymphoma.
ME-344, a mitochondrial inhibitor under investigation for solid tumor cancers.
Clinical trial services, offering comprehensive support for the development of oncology drugs.

Who is in the executive team of MEI Pharma?

MEI Pharma leadership team
  • Mr. David M. Urso B.A., Esq., J.D.
    Mr. David M. Urso B.A., Esq., J.D.
    CEO, President & Director
  • Dr. Richard G. Ghalie M.D., MBA
    Dr. Richard G. Ghalie M.D., MBA
    Chief Medical Officer
  • Mr. Justin J. File
    Mr. Justin J. File
    CFO & Corporate Secretary
  • Ms. Yomara  Gomez-Naiden
    Ms. Yomara Gomez-Naiden
    Senior Vice President of Operations & Quality
  • Ms. Nicole Chyoko Iida
    Ms. Nicole Chyoko Iida
    Vice President of Legal Affairs
  • Ms. Anne  Frese
    Ms. Anne Frese
    Chief People Officer
  • Dr. Robert D. Mass
    Dr. Robert D. Mass
    Strategic Advisor
  • Mr. David A. Walsey J.D., L.L.M.
    Mr. David A. Walsey J.D., L.L.M.
    Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs