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MC Mining (ASX:MCM) is a South African coal producer and developer with a focus on high-quality coking and thermal coal. The company's operating mine, Uitkomst Colliery, produces approximately 300,000 tonnes of coal per annum. MCM is also developing two major projects: the Makhado Coking Coal Project and the Vele Colliery Expansion Project. The Makhado Project is a world-class coking coal project with a JORC Resource of 2.4 billion tonnes. The Vele Colliery Expansion Project will increase production at the company's Vele Colliery from 150,000 tonnes to 600,000 tonnes per annum.
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Fourways South Africa

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/Coal /Mining /Thermal Coal /Exploration project /Coal Mine /Coking coal /Energy /South Africa

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Overview of MC Mining offerings
Makhado Project: A coal mine in Limpopo, South Africa, focused on producing high-quality coking and thermal coal.
Vele Colliery: A flagship open-pit coking and thermal coal mine, committed to sustainable mining practices in Limpopo.
Baobab Project: A high-yield hard coking coal project, aimed at contributing to the energy sector in Mozambique.
Generaal Project: A potential future development project, strategically located in South Africa, with exploration ongoing for coal resources.
Greater Soutpansberg Projects: A cluster of exploration projects in South Africa, displaying promising potential for coal and associated minerals.
Soutpansberg Projects: Exploration projects targeting coking and thermal coal resources, emphasising sustainable mining practices in South Africa.

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MC Mining leadership team
  • Mr. Godfrey Gregory Gomwe BAcc, C.A., CA(Z), CD(SA), MBL
    Mr. Godfrey Gregory Gomwe BAcc, C.A., CA(Z), CD(SA), MBL
    MD, CEO & Director
  • Mr. Stephen R. Rowse
    Mr. Stephen R. Rowse
    General Manager of Finance & Administration
  • Ms. Florence M. Duval
    Ms. Florence M. Duval
    General Manager of Sustainability
  • Mr. Anthony Gwynn Bevan
    Mr. Anthony Gwynn Bevan
    Company Secretary