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What does Matrix Composites & Engineering do?
Matrix Composites & Engineering (ASX:MCE) is a seasoned innovator in the field of composite and advanced material technology solutions, catering to a diverse range of industries including civil and infrastructure, resources, oil and gas, defense, and transportation. With over two decades of experience, the company has established itself as a pioneer in syntactic foam solutions and subsea buoyancy, earning a global reputation and expanding its reach to customers worldwide.
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Where is the head office for Matrix Composites & Engineering?

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Perth, Australia

What year was Matrix Composites & Engineering founded?

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What does Matrix Composites & Engineering specialise in?
/Composite materials /Buoyancy products /Corrosion protection products /Well construction /Engineering solutions /Defence engineering /Oil & gas engineering

What are the products and/or services of Matrix Composites & Engineering?

Overview of Matrix Composites & Engineering offerings
Advanced materials: The company develops and utilises advanced materials like carbon fibre composites, filled elastomers, syntactic foam, and thermoplastic impact-resistant composites to create innovative and durable solutions for various industries.
Buoyancy & SURF: They provide a comprehensive range of buoyancy products for subsea applications, including syntactic foam modules, buoyancy collars, and tethers, catering to the needs of the offshore oil and gas industry.
Corrosion protection: Their corrosion protection solutions encompass Humidur solvent-free coatings, composite wrapping systems, and cathodic protection, ensuring the longevity and integrity of infrastructure and assets.
Well construction & completions: They offer a suite of products for well construction and completions, including packers, plugs, and composite riser buoyancy modules, supporting efficient and reliable operations in the oil and gas sector.
Engineering solutions: The company provides engineering expertise to design and develop customised solutions for various applications, addressing specific challenges and enhancing performance across industries.
Testing services: The company conducts specialised testing services to evaluate material properties, performance, and durability, ensuring the quality and reliability of their products and solutions.

Who is in the executive team of Matrix Composites & Engineering?

Matrix Composites & Engineering leadership team
  • Mr. Aaron Paul Begley
    Mr. Aaron Paul Begley
    MD, CEO & Director
  • Mr. Brendan William Cocks B.Com., BCom., C.A., CA
    Mr. Brendan William Cocks B.Com., BCom., C.A., CA
    CFO, Company Secretary & Executive Director
  • Mr. Robbie  Stew
    Mr. Robbie Stew
    Head of Operations
  • Mr. Peter B. Pezet
    Mr. Peter B. Pezet
    General Manager of Technology Group
  • Mr. Paul Andrew Hardie B.Ec. LLB, BEC, L.L.B.
    Mr. Paul Andrew Hardie B.Ec. LLB, BEC, L.L.B.
    General Counsel
  • Caitlin  Flaherty
    Caitlin Flaherty
    Joint Company Secretary