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What does Matrix AI Network do?
Matrix AI Network (CRYPTO:MAN) operates on a decentralized network of nodes that are responsible for providing AI computing power and other services. MAN holders can stake their tokens to become nodes and earn rewards for participating in the network. The Matrix AI Network team is working on a number of projects to improve the platform and expand its use cases. These projects include developing new AI-related features and services, such as a decentralized AI marketplace and a decentralized AI training platform, partnering with other crypto projects and businesses to integrate Matrix AI Network services into their platforms, and expanding Matrix AI Network to new markets and regions. The main objective of Matrix AI Network is to build a decentralized and inclusive AI ecosystem. The team is committed to making AI more accessible to everyone and to building a more equitable and sustainable future.
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What is the market cap for Matrix AI Network?

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Where is the head office for Matrix AI Network?

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Sydney, Australia

What year was Matrix AI Network founded?

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What does Matrix AI Network specialise in?
/AI & Big Data /BNB Chain /Collectibles & NFTs /Generative AI /Hybrid - PoW & DPoS /Identity /IoT /Layer 1 /Mineable /Platform /Smart Contracts /Web3

What are the products and/or services of Matrix AI Network?

Overview of Matrix AI Network offerings
AI computing power: MAN holders can use their tokens to rent AI computing power from other nodes on the network.
MAN governance: MAN holders can participate in the governance of the Matrix AI Network by voting on proposals to change the way the network is operated and to allocate funding.
MANART AI-related NFT asset generation and authentication platform: MANART is a platform that allows users to generate and authenticate AI-related NFTs.
MANIA AI Assisted NFT Trading Platform: MANIA is a platform that allows users to trade NFTs using AI-powered tools and analytics.
MANTA auto-machine learning platform: MANTA is a platform that allows users to create and train machine learning models without any prior coding experience.

Who is in the executive team of Matrix AI Network?

Matrix AI Network leadership team
  • Eric CHOY
    Eric CHOY
  • Ethan TIAN
    Ethan TIAN
    Product Director
  • Ken MA
    Ken MA
    Marketing Director
  • Owen TAO
    Owen TAO
  • Sercan MUSLU
    Sercan MUSLU
    Head Of Community
  • Steve DENG
    Steve DENG
    Chief Scientist
    Head Of Social Media
  • Wayne YUAN
    Wayne YUAN