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Mamba Exploration (ASX:M24) is an early-stage exploration company focused on discovering gold, nickel, copper and uranium deposits in Western Australia and Canada. Operating in the early stages of development, Mamba currently holds five exploration projects, each offering unique potential and spread across diverse geographical regions.
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Perth, Australia

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/Uranium /Gold /Copper /Base metals /Western Australia /Canada /Mining /Resources

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Overview of Mamba Exploration offerings
Canary Uranium, Canada: 75% interest in the Canary Uranium Project, located in the prolific Athabasca Basin, northern Saskatchewan, Canada.
Darling Range Project: Located near Perth, this project targets nickel, copper & PGE exploration based on historical high-grade intercepts.
Calyerup Creek Project: Situated in Western Australia's south, this project focuses on gold, with potential for battery metals like cobalt.
Ashburton Project: Located in a proven mineralised belt, this project explores for gold and base metals, leveraging the area's historical mining activity.
Kimberley Project: Situated in an underexplored region of Western Australia, this project explores for gold, nickel, copper and cobalt, drawing upon historical workings for guidance.

Who is in the executive team of Mamba Exploration?

Mamba Exploration leadership team
  • Mr. Simon  Andrew B.Sc.
    Mr. Simon Andrew B.Sc.
    Executive Director
  • Ms. Amanda  Burgess CPA
    Ms. Amanda Burgess CPA
    Company Secretary