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What does Mainz Biomed BV do?
Mainz Biomed (NASDAQ:MYNZ) is a dynamic company engaged in developing cutting-edge molecular genetics diagnostic solutions for early disease detection and prevention. Mainz Biomed focuses on empowering healthcare professionals and enhancing patient care through innovative diagnostics. Their projects include the development of ColoAlert, a convenient and highly effective early detection test for colorectal cancer, alongside other pipeline products that target various gastrointestinal diseases. The company aims to transform diagnostic processes, making them more accessible and efficient for people worldwide, ultimately improving outcomes and saving lives.
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Health Care

Where is the head office for Mainz Biomed BV?

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Mainz, Germany

What year was Mainz Biomed BV founded?

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What does Mainz Biomed BV specialise in?
/Medical Innovations /Cell Therapies /Clinical Research /Biomaterial Development /Regenerative Medicine /Biotechnology Solutions

What are the products and/or services of Mainz Biomed BV?

Overview of Mainz Biomed BV offerings
ColoAlert offers highly accurate, non-invasive, and easy-to-use colon cancer detection through advanced DNA technology.
GenoStrip: This is a platform technology for the detection of pathogens in environments on a molecular genetic basis. It's still in the early stages of development, but has potential applications in various fields including healthcare, food safety, and environmental monitoring.
PancAlert aims at early detection of pancreatic cancer, utilizing biomarker technology for non-invasive testing.
Research & Development: Mainz Biomed also conducts research and development for other potential diagnostic solutions, focusing on utilizing known and existing biomarkers for reliable and accessible tests.

Who is in the executive team of Mainz Biomed BV?

Mainz Biomed BV leadership team
  • Mr. Guido  Baechler
    Mr. Guido Baechler
    CEO & Executive Director
  • Mr. William J. Caragol
    Mr. William J. Caragol
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Dr. Christopher  Von Torne P.M.P., Ph.D.
    Dr. Christopher Von Torne P.M.P., Ph.D.
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Dr. Frank  Krieg-Schneider
    Dr. Frank Krieg-Schneider
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Dr. Moritz  Eidens Ph.D.
    Dr. Moritz Eidens Ph.D.
    Chief Science Officer & Executive Director
  • Stefan  Erlach
    Stefan Erlach
    Head of Human Resources
  • Mr. Philipp  Freese
    Mr. Philipp Freese
    Chief Business Officer
  • Mr. Darin S. Leigh
    Mr. Darin S. Leigh
    Chief Commercial Officer