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Magic (CRYPTO:MAGIC) is the native token of the Treasure ecosystem, a decentralized gaming platform for various activities. It powers games, the marketplace, and governance. Magic is essential for game participation and asset purchases like NFTs. It allows holders to engage in governance, shaping the platform. Treasure is involved in projects like the Treasure DAO for governance, the Grants Program supporting developers, and the Academy for user education. Key objectives include offering an enjoyable decentralized gaming platform, promoting blockchain-based games, and enhancing blockchain gaming accessibility. With a dedicated team and a passionate community, Treasure is poised to impact the future of blockchain gaming significantly.
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Midland, Cayman Islands

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/Gaming /Metaverse

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Overview of Treasure offerings
Community: A vibrant community of players and developers continually enhances the Treasure ecosystem with innovative features. Expect more as the ecosystem grows.
Gaming: Powering various games like Bridge World, The CryptoBlades Kingdom, and Loot Squad, offering players fun and rewarding experiences.
Governance: Magic holders participate in shaping the Treasure ecosystem's future by voting on proposals.
Liquidity Providing: Magic holders can provide liquidity to Magic pools on exchanges, ensuring accessibility and conversion.
Staking: Staking Magic tokens offers a means of earning passive income.
Trading: Magic is tradable on different exchanges, enabling players to convert their earnings or invest for potential value growth.