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What does Maggie Beer do?
Maggie Beer (ASX:MBH) is a food and beverage company that produces a range of premium food products under the “Maggie Beer” brand, both through its own manufacturing capabilities and third-party contract manufacturers. The company’s products are sold in Australia and internationally through a variety of channels, including supermarkets, specialty food stores, and online retailers. Maggie Beer is focused on developing and commercialising new products, expanding its distribution network, and growing its international presence. The company is also working to reduce its environmental impact and make its products more sustainable.
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What sector is Maggie Beer in?

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Consumer Staples

Where is the head office for Maggie Beer ?

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Head Office
Sydney, Australia

What year was Maggie Beer founded?

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What does Maggie Beer specialise in?
/Food /Beverage /Gourmet /Grocery /FMCG

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Overview of Maggie Beer offerings
Maggie Beer Products: prides itself on adhering to Maggie's philosophy of using top-quality seasonal ingredients to create premium gourmet products for both domestic and international markets.
Paris Creek Farms: renowned for its superior Australian dairy products, beloved by connoisseurs for their exceptional quality and authentic production methods. Recent investments in processing capacity are set to double production.
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Who is in the executive team of Maggie Beer ?

Maggie Beer leadership team
  • Ms. Kinda  Grange
    Ms. Kinda Grange
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Mr. Craig  Louttit
    Mr. Craig Louttit
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Ms. Sophie  Karzis B.Juris, LLB
    Ms. Sophie Karzis B.Juris, LLB
    General Counsel & Company Secretary
  • Ms. Bethaney  George
    Ms. Bethaney George
    General Manager of Sales
  • Ms. Katrina  Rigoni
    Ms. Katrina Rigoni
    Marketing Manager
  • Mr. Mancel  Hickey
    Mr. Mancel Hickey
    Chief Executive Officer of St David Dairy
  • Yann  Hessel
    Yann Hessel
    Group Financial Controller