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What does Macmahon do?
Macmahon Holdings (ASX:MAH) is a diversified contracting company that provides a range of surface and underground mining, civil construction, and resources engineering services to clients in Australia and Southeast Asia. The company has a strong track record of delivering complex projects on time and within budget. Macmahon operates in Australia, Indonesia, and Chile.
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Where is the head office for Macmahon?

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Head Office
Perth, Australia

What year was Macmahon founded?

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Year Founded
What does Macmahon specialise in?
/Engineering /Technical /Resources /Project management /Infrastructure /Industrial

What are the products and/or services of Macmahon?

Overview of Macmahon offerings
Surface mining services: Macmahon provides a range of surface mining services, including overburden removal, ore mining, and haulage.
Underground mining services: Macmahon provides a range of underground mining services, including development, production, and closure.
Civil construction services: Macmahon provides a range of civil construction services, including roads, bridges, and earthworks.
Resources engineering services: Macmahon provides a range of resources engineering services, including mine planning, design, and construction management.
Shotcreting services: Macmahon provides a range of shotcreting services, including slope stabilisation, portal development, in-cycle spraying of underground development headings, barricade construction, mining through backfill and difficult ground conditions, and rehabilitation work.
Raise drilling services: Macmahon provides a range of raise drilling services, including site setup, collar (foundation) development, presinks, full face benching, horidiam, stripping, lining, ground support and project management.

Who is in the executive team of Macmahon?

Macmahon leadership team
  • Mr. Michael John Finnegan
    Mr. Michael John Finnegan
    CEO, COO, MD & Director
  • Ms. Ursula  Lummis
    Ms. Ursula Lummis
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Chris  Chong
    Chris Chong
    General Manager of Investor Relations & Strategy
  • Ms. Maha  Chaar
    Ms. Maha Chaar
    General Counsel & Company Secretary
  • Mr. Peter  Pollard
    Mr. Peter Pollard
    Chief Corporate Development Officer
  • Ms. Nicola  Hamilton
    Ms. Nicola Hamilton
    Executive General Manager of People
  • Mr. Donald  James
    Mr. Donald James
    Chief Commercial Officer