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What does LumiWave do?
ONBUFF (CRYPTO:ONIT) is a new IP platform powered by blockchain technology that aims to create a transparent and structured industry for IP. ONBUFF allows IP users and fandoms to participate, increasing the value of IP and improving its public recognition. ONBUFF will start with IP owned by SNK, a Japanese video game hardware and software company, and will cover the entire process of IP business from value assessment to settlements. The ONBUFF team is working on a number of projects to improve the platform and make it more user-friendly, including developing new features and functionality for the ONBUFF platform, integrating with other blockchain networks, and expanding the ONBUFF community and ecosystem. The ONBUFF team aims to make ONBUFF the go-to IP platform for users around the world. The ONBUFF team also aims to make ONIT the most valuable and useful utility token in the IP industry.
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