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LUKSO (CRYPTO:LYX) a layer-1 blockchain network launched in May 2022, prioritizes current and emerging digital lifestyle applications. It operates on the Casper Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm and is fully compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). The project is led by a dedicated team of developers and entrepreneurs committed to establishing a transparent and equitable digital economy. Their collaborations with partners focus on implementing innovative LUKSO technologies, including digital identity, asset management, and decentralized social media solutions. LUKSO's significant projects encompass LUKSO Identity, offering users control over their data and online interactions independently of third-party intermediaries, LUKSO Passport, a digital wallet for managing LUKSO tokens, and the LUKSO Marketplace, a decentralized platform for digital asset trading. LUKSO Social Media empowers users to control their data and nurture more meaningful digital connections. The core objectives of LUKSO are to promote a fair and open digital economy, reduce reliance on intermediaries, and foster a sustainable and inclusive digital world. Backed by a proficient and passionate team with support from reputable investors, LUKSO appears poised for significant growth in the years ahead.
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/Collectibles & NFTs /Communications & Social Media /Identity /Metaverse /Smart Contracts

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Overview of LUKSO offerings
Decentralized Identity: LUKSO enables users to have full control over their digital identity, ensuring privacy and security.
Decentralized Social Media: The platform fosters decentralized and user-centric social interactions, enhancing data ownership and privacy.
Digital Asset Management: Users can manage their digital assets, including NFTs, within the LUKSO ecosystem efficiently.
Digital Fashion and Collectibles: LUKSO specializes in the intersection of blockchain technology and fashion, allowing for unique digital fashion items and collectibles.
Smart Contracts: LUKSO supports the creation and execution of smart contracts for various applications.
Tokenized Economies: LUKSO facilitates the creation of tokenized ecosystems, promoting various economic activities.