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What does Lowell Resources Fund do?
Lowell Resources Fund (ASX:LRT) is a diversified investment fund focused on investing in small-cap exploration and development companies in the mining and energy sectors. The Fund's objective is to generate capital growth for its investors by investing in a portfolio of well-managed companies with high-quality projects. The Fund's investments are spread across a range of commodities, including gold, copper, lithium, cobalt, uranium and oil and gas.
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Melbourne, Australia

What year was Lowell Resources Fund founded?

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What does Lowell Resources Fund specialise in?
/Investment fund /Mining /Energy /Exploration /Managed fund

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Overview of Lowell Resources Fund offerings
The Lowell Resources Fund offers a unique investment opportunity in the junior resources sector, including minerals and energy on various stock exchanges globally.
The fund is managed by experienced professionals with deep technical, financial, and commercial expertise and networks.
It provides access to exclusive deal flows in both public and private markets, delivering consistent returns throughout market cycles.
As of September 30, 2023, the Net Asset Value per unit was estimated at $1.484.
The Fund's recent top holdings include Ramelius Resources, Southern Cross Gold, PacGold, Lefroy Exploration, Azimut Exploration, Black Canyon Resources, Basin Minerals, and Haranga Resources.

Who is in the executive team of Lowell Resources Fund?

Lowell Resources Fund leadership team
  • Mr. Michael Peter Chester
    Mr. Michael Peter Chester
    Portfolio Mang. and Member of Investment Committee
  • Dr. David Kenneth Hobday BSc (Hons), MSc, Ph.D.
    Dr. David Kenneth Hobday BSc (Hons), MSc, Ph.D.
    Portfolio Mang. and Member of Investment Committee
  • Mr. Peter R. Mitchell
    Mr. Peter R. Mitchell
    Portfolio Mang. and Member of Investment Committee