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Range Cancer Therapeutics ETF (NASDAQ:CNCR) focuses on advancing the research, development, and availability of cancer immunotherapy treatments. This ETF invests in a curated selection of biopharmaceutical companies at the forefront of cancer immunotherapy, an innovative area of cancer treatment that empowers the human immune system to overcome cancer cells. Through its investments, Loncar aims to offer investors exposure to the progress and potential in the rapidly evolving field of cancer immunotherapy. The primary objective is to support the growth and development of therapies that could significantly improve cancer patient outcomes, while also providing an opportunity for investment growth. Loncar Cancer Immunotherapy ETF is traded exclusively on the NASDAQ stock exchange, ensuring focused and accessible investment in this critical area of medical advancement.
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Lenexa, United States

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/Cancer Immunotherapy /Investment Services /Financial Products /Healthcare Sector /Biotechnology Investments /Pharmaceuticals Indexing

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Overview of Loncar Cancer Immunotherapy ETF offerings
Invests in companies developing immunotherapy treatments, focusing on innovative cancer therapies.
Tracks CNCR Immunotherapy Index, exposing investors to top immunotherapy companies.
Provides diversified portfolio, including both large pharmaceuticals and biotech startups.
Engages in patient advocacy and awareness, promoting the benefits of immunotherapy.
Supports research and development funding, investing in cutting-edge cancer treatment technologies.
Offers educational resources on cancer immunotherapy, aiding understanding of complex treatments.