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What does Lion Selection Group do?
Lion Selection Group (ASX:LSX) is an Australian investment company with a focus on the resources sector. Its operations encompass strategic investments and active project developments, emphasising value creation through prudent capital allocation. With a commitment to generating long-term shareholder returns, Lion Selection Group prioritises targeted investments in mining and energy projects, driven by an understanding of market dynamics and sector-specific opportunities.
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Where is the head office for Lion Selection Group?

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Head Office
Victoria, Australia

What year was Lion Selection Group founded?

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What does Lion Selection Group specialise in?
/Mineral resource /Mining investment /Investment company /Energy /Resources investment /Australia

What are the products and/or services of Lion Selection Group?

Overview of Lion Selection Group offerings
Providing funding to early-stage mineral resource companies at a variety of stages, from exploration to project development.
Assisting companies to develop their projects by providing access to Lion's network, expertise and resources.
Advising companies on their investment strategies and helping them to raise additional capital.
Exiting investments once a company has been funded and developed to become a producing company.
Paying dividends from surplus investment proceeds while balancing the investment requirements of the company with market conditions and capital growth.

Who is in the executive team of Lion Selection Group?

Lion Selection Group leadership team
  • Mr. Craig K. Smyth BCA (Acctg), C.A., CA, L.L.B., M App Fin
    Mr. Craig K. Smyth BCA (Acctg), C.A., CA, L.L.B., M App Fin
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Mr. Robin Anthony Widdup BSc (Hons), MAusIMM
    Mr. Robin Anthony Widdup BSc (Hons), MAusIMM
    Founder & Director
  • Ms. Jane M. Rose
    Ms. Jane M. Rose
    Investor Relations Manager & Company Secretary