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What is Lifestyle Communities about?
Lifestyle Communities (ASX:LIC) is an Australian provider of retirement living and aged care services. The company owns and operates a portfolio of over 100 retirement villages and aged care facilities across Australia. Lifestyle Communities' operations include the development, management, and operation of retirement villages and aged care facilities. The company's focus is on providing high-quality accommodation, services, and support to its residents. Lifestyle Communities has a number of projects underway, including the development of new retirement villages and aged care facilities. The company is also focused on expanding its existing portfolio and improving its operational efficiency.
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Is Lifestyle Communities a public or private company?


How many people does Lifestyle Communities employ?


What sector is Lifestyle Communities in?

Real Estate

Where is the head office for Lifestyle Communities?

Head Office
Victoria, Australia

What year was Lifestyle Communities founded?

Year Founded
What does Lifestyle Communities specialise in?
/Retirement /Aged care /Property /Development /Care /Health /Construction
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What are Lifestyle Communities’s services?
Overview of Lifestyle Communities offerings
Develops and manages retirement villages, offering a range of accommodation options, services, and support to residents.
Develops and manages aged care facilities, providing high-quality care to residents with a range of needs.
Expands its existing portfolio of retirement villages and aged care facilities.
Improves its operational efficiency to deliver better outcomes for residents and investors.
Offers a range of innovative products and services, such as its MyLifestyle app and its Home Care service.
Partners with other organisations to provide additional services to residents, such as its partnership with the University of the Third Age.
Who is in the Lifestyle Communities executive team?
Lifestyle Communities leadership team
  • Mr. James  Kelly B. Bldg
    Mr. James Kelly B. Bldg
    Founder, MD & Director
  • Mr. Darren  Rowland C.A.
    Mr. Darren Rowland C.A.
    CFO & Company Sec.
  • Mr. Richard  Parker
    Mr. Richard Parker
    Head of Sales
  • Ms. Rita  Simonetta
    Ms. Rita Simonetta
    Head of Marketing
  • Mr. Chris  Paranthoiene
    Mr. Chris Paranthoiene
    Head of Devel. & Acquisition
  • Ms. Simône de la Harpe
    Ms. Simône de la Harpe
    Head of People Experience
  • Mr. Nathan  Braddock
    Mr. Nathan Braddock
    Head of Design & Construction
  • Ms. Anita  Addorisio CFTP Snr, CPA, FAIM, MACC, MAICD
    Ms. Anita Addorisio CFTP Snr, CPA, FAIM, MACC, MAICD
    Company Sec.