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Leuthold Core ETF (NYSE:LCR) is an exchange-traded fund that focuses on providing investors with a diversified investment approach by blending various asset classes to achieve long-term growth with a core emphasis on U.S. equities and fixed income securities. The fund is managed by Leuthold Weeden Capital Management, employing an innovative research-driven strategy that aims at adjusting its asset allocation in response to changing market conditions and opportunities. Leuthold Core ETF's projects involve meticulously analyzing market trends and economic indicators to optimize its portfolio for resilience and growth potential. The primary objective of this fund is to offer investors an adaptable investment solution that seeks total return with an underlying emphasis on capital preservation and risk management.
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Minneapolis, United States

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/Investment Management /ETF Portfolio /Asset Allocation /Market Research /Financial Services /Risk Management

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Overview of Leuthold Core ETF offerings
Global tactical allocation, employing diverse strategies across multiple asset classes.
U.S. sector rotation, leveraging quantitative models to select high-performing sectors.
Fixed income strategies, focusing on risk-adjusted returns from bonds.
International equity investment, targeting undervalued markets globally.
Commodity exposure, including precious metals and energy, for portfolio diversification.
Cash management services, providing liquidity and safety for investors.