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What does Lee Enterprises do?
Lee Enterprises (NASDAQ:LEE) is a premier publisher of daily newspapers, websites, and mobile products, primarily focusing on mid-size markets in the United States. It operates platforms in various markets, providing local news, information, and advertising services. Lee Enterprises aims to serve communities by engaging audiences with compelling content while providing advertising and marketing solutions to businesses. The company is committed to digital transformation, aiming to expand its digital media presence and grow digital revenues amidst evolving media consumption trends. With a project portfolio that includes digital subscriptions and innovative advertising campaigns, Lee Enterprises seeks to enhance its financial performance while maintaining a commitment to journalistic excellence and community service.
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What sector is Lee Enterprises in?

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Communication Services

Where is the head office for Lee Enterprises?

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Head Office
Davenport, United States

What year was Lee Enterprises founded?

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Year Founded
What does Lee Enterprises specialise in?
/News Publishing /Advertising Services /Digital Marketing /Print News /Online Platforms /Journalistic Content

What are the products and/or services of Lee Enterprises?

Overview of Lee Enterprises offerings
Publishing of daily newspapers, offering comprehensive local and national news coverage.
Digital marketing services, including website design, hosting, and SEO optimization.
Mobile and web app development for enhanced user engagement and content delivery.
Special publications and niche products tailored to specific community interests.
Community events hosting to foster local engagement and support for businesses.
Print and digital advertising services to help businesses reach their target audience.

Who is in the executive team of Lee Enterprises?

Lee Enterprises leadership team
  • Mr. Kevin D. Mowbray
    Mr. Kevin D. Mowbray
    President, CEO & Director
  • Mr. Timothy R. Millage
    Mr. Timothy R. Millage
    VP, CFO & Treasurer
  • Mr. Nathan E. Bekke
    Mr. Nathan E. Bekke
    Operating VP & VP of Audience Strategy
  • Ms. Michele Fennelly White
    Ms. Michele Fennelly White
    VP of IT & Chief Information Officer
  • Ms. Astrid J. Garcia
    Ms. Astrid J. Garcia
    Vice President of Human Resources & Legal and Chief Legal Officer
  • Mr. Charles E. Arms
    Mr. Charles E. Arms
    Corporate Communications Manager
  • Mr. Joseph J. Battistoni
    Mr. Joseph J. Battistoni
    Vice President?of Sales & Marketing
  • Mr. Eric L. Mayberry
    Mr. Eric L. Mayberry
    President of North Carolina Media Group & VP of Sales for Carolina Region