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Leap Therapeutics (NASDAQ:LPTX) is a biotechnology firm dedicated to developing innovative cancer therapies. Their primary focus revolves around creating and advancing treatments that aim to enhance the lives of patients fighting various forms of cancer. Leap's projects include pioneering drugs with the potential to target and inhibit mechanisms cancer cells use to thrive and evade the immune system. Their objectives are centered around pushing the boundaries of medical science to provide new, effective treatments and to establish a robust pipeline of oncological therapeutic candidates. With every research milestone and clinical trial, Leap strives to bring hope to individuals battling cancer, aiming to transform groundbreaking scientific discoveries into lifesaving therapies.
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Health Care

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Cambridge, United States

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/Cancer Therapeutics /Clinical Trials /Research Development /Immuno-oncology Drugs /Drug Discovery /Healthcare Biotechnology

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Overview of Leap Therapeutics offerings
DKN-01, a monoclonal antibody targeting the Dickkopf-1 (DKK1) protein, aimed at treating esophagogastric cancer.
Collaborations with BeiGene to evaluate DKN-01 in combination therapies for various cancers.
Research partnerships focusing on enhancing the effectiveness of immunotherapies through the study of DKN-01’s mechanism in modulating the tumor microenvironment.
Preclinical projects exploring DKN-01’s potential in other DKK1-expressing cancers beyond esophagogastric cancer, including prostate and lung cancers.
Development of novel biologics targeting critical pathways involved in cancer progression and immune evasion.
Investigations into combination treatments involving DKN-01 and standard chemotherapies or other targeted therapies to improve patient outcomes in cancer.

Who is in the executive team of Leap Therapeutics?

Leap Therapeutics leadership team
  • Mr. Douglas E. Onsi J.D.
    Mr. Douglas E. Onsi J.D.
    CFO, General Counsel, Treasurer & Secretary, President, CEO & Director
  • Mr. Augustine J. Lawlor
    Mr. Augustine J. Lawlor
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Dr. Cynthia A. Sirard
    Dr. Cynthia A. Sirard
    Chief Medical Officer
  • Dr. Jason S. Baum Ph.D.
    Dr. Jason S. Baum Ph.D.
    Chief Scientific Officer
  • Mr. Mark  O'Mahony
    Mr. Mark O'Mahony
    Chief Manufacturing Officer
  • Ms. Christine M. Granfield
    Ms. Christine M. Granfield
    VP and Head of Regulatory Affairs & Quality