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Latin Resources (ASX:LRS) is an Australian mineral exploration company focused on battery metals and critical minerals for a sustainable future. Their six main projects span South America and Australia, including the flagship Salinas Lithium Project in Brazil, poised to be a major, low-cost producer. Their focus lies on lithium, key for electric vehicles, with exploration in Brazil and Argentina. Additionally, they explore halloysite-kaolin in Australia, with potential applications in batteries, ceramics, and even methane emission reduction. They hold investments in promising magnesite projects and actively participate in R&D to explore new, sustainable uses for their minerals. With a commitment to "Net Zero" emissions, Latin Resources is positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for ethically sourced, sustainable minerals crucial for the green transition.
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Perth, Australia

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/Lithium /Copper /Energy /Mining /Resources /Argentina /Brazil /Peru /Exploration

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Overview of Latin Resources offerings
Salinas Lithium Project (Brazil): Flagship project, aims to be a fully sustainable 3.6Mtpa lithium mining operation. Potential to be the second largest spodumene concentrate producer in Brazil and among the lowest cost globally.
Catamarca Lithium Project (Argentina): Early-stage exploration project with promising lithium pegmatites identified.
Cloud Nine Halloysite-Kaolin Deposit (Australia): Large JORC-compliant resource of 207Mt kaolin and halloysite. Investigating potential uses for battery storage, ceramics, and methane emission reduction.
MT-03 Copper Project (Peru): Early-stage exploration project with potential for high-grade copper.
Solis Minerals Ltd. Investment: Investment in a company focused on magnesite exploration and development in Brazil.
CRC CARE R&D Project: Collaboration with CRC CARE to research using halloysite from Cloud Nine to reduce methane emissions in agriculture.

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Latin Resources leadership team
  • Mr. Christopher Peter Gale
    Mr. Christopher Peter Gale
    MD & Executive Director
  • Mr. Mitchell  Thomas
    Mr. Mitchell Thomas
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Peter Robert Oliver
    Mr. Peter Robert Oliver
    Executive Director
  • Ms. Sarah  Smith
    Ms. Sarah Smith
    Company Secretary