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What does Lakes Blue Energy do?
Lakes Blue Energy (ASX:LBE) is a natural gas exploration company focused on identifying, securing, and developing gas resources within Australia. This company is notably active in the exploration and development of onshore gas properties, aiming to leverage innovative technologies and practices to unlock gas potential in its project areas. It strives to meet growing energy demands while adhering to sustainability and environmental standards. Lakes Blue Energy's primary objective is to achieve significant commercial gas discoveries that can contribute to Australia's energy mix, ensuring a steady supply of natural gas for both domestic and industrial use. The company is dedicated to exploring new prospects, enhancing its asset portfolio, and delivering value to its stakeholders through strategic project advancement and partnerships.
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Where is the head office for Lakes Blue Energy?

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Melbourne, Australia

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/Oil /Gas /Exploration /Hydrogen /Refuelling /Solar power /Energy

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Overview of Lakes Blue Energy offerings
"Development of conventional and unconventional natural gas resources in Australia and New Zealand, targeting both onshore and offshore, primarily focused on the Otway and Gippsland Basins."
"Exploration of potential petroleum prospects, leveraging advanced exploration technologies to identify and assess viable drilling locations within their licensed areas."
"Partnership with local and international energy companies to enhance exploration and development capabilities, sharing expertise and resources for mutual benefit."
"Environmental management and sustainability practices, including assessments and adherence to regulatory guidelines to minimize ecological impact."
"Community engagement and development programs, aimed at supporting local communities near operational areas through infrastructure improvements and educational initiatives."
"Investment in research and development for cleaner energy solutions, including carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions."

Who is in the executive team of Lakes Blue Energy?

Lakes Blue Energy leadership team
  • Mr. Roland Kingsbury Sleeman B.Eng (Mech), MBA
    Mr. Roland Kingsbury Sleeman B.Eng (Mech), MBA
    CEO & Executive Director
  • Mr. Tim  O'Brien
    Mr. Tim O'Brien
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Ms. Elissa C. Hansen ACSA, B.Com., B.Comm, FCIS, Gad Dip ACG, GAI, GAIC
    Ms. Elissa C. Hansen ACSA, B.Com., B.Comm, FCIS, Gad Dip ACG, GAI, GAIC
    Company Secretary