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What is Lakes Blue Energy about?
Lakes Blue Energy (ASX:LKO) is an oil and gas exploration and production company focused on the Cooper Basin in South Australia and the Gippsland Basin in Victoria, Australia. The company has a portfolio of exploration and development assets, including the Nangwarry-1 well in South Australia and the Enterprise North-1 exploration well in Victoria. Lakes Blue Energy's objectives are to explore and develop its Nangwarry and Enterprise oil and gas projects, become a leading oil and gas producer in Australia and generate significant returns for its shareholders.
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Melbourne, Australia

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/Oil /Gas /Exploration /Hydrogen /Refuelling /Solar power /Energy
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Overview of Lakes Blue Energy offerings
Hydrogen Production: Harnessing renewable sources like solar and wind power to produce hydrogen.
Hydrogen Refuelling Stations: Establishing and managing stations for convenient vehicle refuelling.
Hydrogen Storage: Pioneering storage methods including compressed and liquid hydrogen.
Hydrogen Transportation: Efficiently transporting hydrogen via pipelines, trucks, and ships.
Hydrogen Export: Facilitating the global export of hydrogen to other nations.
Hydrogen Education: Offering comprehensive education and training in hydrogen technologies.