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Kin Mining (ASX:KIN) is a West Australian gold development and exploration company. Kin's key focus is its 100% owned Cardinia Gold Project (CGP) located in the highly prospective North-Eastern Goldfields region of Western Australia. The CGP has 1.2 million ounces of gold resource (JORC 2012) already defined in shallow open pits and Kin continues to explore the 656 square kilometres of highly prospective ground that is yet to be explored with modern methods. Kin is currently focused on making major discoveries and unlocking the potential of a belt-scale resource base and exploration opportunity.
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Perth, Australia

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/Mining /Gold /Exploration /Western Australia /Resources

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Overview of Kin Mining offerings
Cardinia Gold Project: situated on greenstone rocks belonging to the Minara Group, which comprises the basal Welcome Well Formation, followed by the Minerie Formation, and overlain by the Murrin Murrin Formation.
Raeside Project: comprises two tenements located around 10km east of Leonora. Within this area, four historical gold deposits named Michelangelo, Leonardo, Forgotten Four, and Krang are situated.
Randwick Gold Project: a greenfields area spanning 28.2 sqkm recognized for its potential in gold and base metals. It consists of one mining lease and fifteen prospecting licences.
Mt Flora Project: comprises three adjacent tenements spanning an area of 12.82 sqkm. It is situated around 48km northeast of Leonora in the Mt Morgan’s District of the Mt Margaret Mineral Field in Western Australia.
Murrin Murrin Gold Project: situated 5km east of the historic Murrin Murrin Mining Centre within the Mt Morgan’s District of the Mt Margaret Mineral Field in Western Australia.
Redcastle Project: focused on gold, comprises one Prospecting Licence and two Mining Leases, one of which is currently under application, covering a promising area of 358 hectares.

Who is in the executive team of Kin Mining?

Kin Mining leadership team
  • Mr. Robert Andrew Johnston B.Sc
    Mr. Robert Andrew Johnston B.Sc
    Executive Chairman
  • Mr. Stephen  Jones
    Mr. Stephen Jones
    CFO & Company Secretary
  • Mr. Nicholas  Anderson
    Mr. Nicholas Anderson
    Executive Director of Business Development & Director
  • Mr. Chad  Moloney BEng (Mining)
    Mr. Chad Moloney BEng (Mining)
    Mining Manager
  • Ms. Leah  Moore
    Ms. Leah Moore
    Exploration Manager