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KGL Resources Limited (ASX:KGL) is an Australian mineral explorer and developer focused on the delineation and development of the high-grade Jervois Copper Project in the Northern Territory, Australia. The Company's operations involve exploration and development activities at the Jervois Copper Project, which hosts a JORC Resource of 23.80Mt at 2.02% Cu, 0.25g/t Au and 25.3g/t Ag. KGL is currently focused on completing project studies to determine the optimal development scenario for the Jervois Copper Project. Environmental approval was recommended in October 2019, and the Jervois mining management plan was approved by the Northern Territory Government in January 2021.
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Queensland, Australia

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/Mineral exploration /Silver /Gold /Copper /Mining /Resources /Northern Territory

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Jervois Copper-Silver-Gold Project: An advanced exploration site exhibiting high-grade copper and significant precious metal credits.
Other prospects: KGL holds further tenements in the Jervois region, including the Unca Creek tenement, which is adjacent to the Jervois Copper Project.

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KGL Resources leadership team
  • Mr. Steven  Rooney
    Mr. Steven Rooney
    Chief Operations Officer
  • Ms. Kylie  Anderson B.Sc., BSc, M.A.I.C.D., M.B.A., MAICD, MBA, MPA
    Ms. Kylie Anderson B.Sc., BSc, M.A.I.C.D., M.B.A., MAICD, MBA, MPA
    Interim CEO & Company Secretary
  • Mr. Anthony  Liaw
    Mr. Anthony Liaw
    Financial Controller & CFO