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What does Key Tronic do?
Key Tronic (NASDAQ:KTCC) is an expert in electronic manufacturing services, providing a wide array of design, engineering, and manufacturing solutions aimed at bringing products to market for a diverse customer base. Specializing in printed circuit board assembly, plastics molding, and full product assembly, Key Tronic supports businesses across sectors like industrial, medical, and consumer electronics with a suite of integrated services designed to streamline the pathway from concept to production. Based in Spokane Valley, Washington, the company is committed to delivering high-quality, cost-effective solutions while continually exploring opportunities for innovation and growth in new and existing markets. With a global footprint that includes facilities in the United States, Mexico, and China, Key Tronic is dedicated to exceeding the expectations of clients worldwide by leveraging its expertise in manufacturing and supply chain management.
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Information Technology

Where is the head office for Key Tronic ?

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Head Office
Spokane, United States

What year was Key Tronic founded?

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What does Key Tronic specialise in?
/Electronic Manufacturing /Design Engineering /Supply Chain Management /Prototype Development /Global Distribution /Production Testing

What are the products and/or services of Key Tronic ?

Overview of Key Tronic offerings
Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS): Offers comprehensive manufacturing and assembly services for electronic products, including design, prototype, production, and testing.
Plastic Molding and Fabrication: Provides plastic injection molding, tooling, and fabrication services for high-quality components.
Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA): Specializes in the assembly of printed circuit boards for various electronic devices and applications.
Product Design and Development: Supports customers from initial product concept through design, prototyping, and into full-scale production.
Supply Chain Management: Manages and optimizes supply chains for clients, ensuring efficient material sourcing, inventory management, and logistics.
Aftermarket Services: Offers repair, refurbishment, and warranty services for electronic products, enhancing product lifecycle.

Who is in the executive team of Key Tronic ?

Key Tronic leadership team
  • Mr. Craig D. Gates
    Mr. Craig D. Gates
    President, CEO & Director
  • Mr. Brett R. Larsen
    Mr. Brett R. Larsen
    Executive VP of Administration, CFO & Treasurer
  • Mr. Philip Scott Hochberg
    Mr. Philip Scott Hochberg
    Executive Vice President of Business Development
  • Mr. Duane D. MacKleit
    Mr. Duane D. MacKleit
    Executive Vice President of Operations
  • Mr. John C. Theiss J.D.
    Mr. John C. Theiss J.D.
    Corporate Secretary & General Counsel
  • Mr. Chad T. Orebaugh
    Mr. Chad T. Orebaugh
    Executive Vice President of Engineering
  • Mr. David H. Knaggs
    Mr. David H. Knaggs
    Executive ?Vice President of Quality & Information Systems
  • Mr. Craig  Green
    Mr. Craig Green
    Senior Vice President of Business Development