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Kaspa (CRYPTO:KAS) is a fast, open-source, decentralized, and fully scalable Layer-1 blockchain. It is the world's first blockDAG, which enables parallel blocks and instant transaction confirmation. Kaspa is a community project, following the ethos of coins like Bitcoin and Litecoin, with no central governance. It was fair-launched without pre-mining or pre-allocation of coins. Kaspa implements the GHOSTDAG protocol, which allows blocks created in parallel to coexist and orders them in consensus. It utilizes the kHeavyHash algorithm for consensus and security. Kaspa offers features like fast transactions, instant confirmation, scalability, efficient proof-of-work, security, and a blockDAG structure. It provides user-friendly wallets, supports dApps, and can be traded on various exchanges. Kaspa is continuously evolving and has an active community that welcomes contributors.
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/DAG /Mineable /Polychain Capital Portfolio /PoW /Store Of Value

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Overview of Kaspa offerings
BlockDAG Structure: KASPA overcomes the limitations of traditional blockchains by processing all blocks in parallel and linking side-chains, creating a blockDAG structure that increases block formation per second drastically.
Efficient Proof-of-Work: KASPA utilizes the kHeavyHash algorithm, which is energy-efficient and ensures the security and consensus of the network.
Fast Transactions: KASPA's blockDAG network generates multiple blocks every second, allowing for fast transaction processing, making it ideal for everyday transactions.
Instant Confirmation: KASPA is designed to be hundreds of times faster than Bitcoin, with each transaction visible to the network in one second and fully confirmed in 10 seconds on average.
Scalability: KASPA solves the scalability problem by generating and confirming multiple blocks per second, without compromising security and decentralization like some Proof-of-Stake networks.
Security: KASPA employs a secure block network with pure, stake-less proof-of-work and the revolutionary GhostDAG Consensus mechanism, ensuring a high level of security.