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What does JX Luxventure Limited do?
JX Luxventure (NASDAQ:JXJT) is a diversified company with a focus on high-end lifestyle services and products, including fashion, travel, and health sectors. Its operations span various projects designed to cater to affluent consumers seeking premium experiences and luxury goods. The company aims to expand its influence in the luxury market by leveraging innovation and strategic partnerships, enhancing its product offerings, and exploring new market opportunities. JX Luxventure's objectives center on achieving sustainable growth, improving customer satisfaction, and increasing shareholder value through its commitment to excellence and luxury.
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What sector is JX Luxventure Limited in?

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Consumer Discretionary

Where is the head office for JX Luxventure Limited?

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Head Office
Haikou, China

What year was JX Luxventure Limited founded?

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Year Founded
What does JX Luxventure Limited specialise in?
/International Trading /Auto Parts /Immigration Services /Education Counseling /Tourism Services /Real Estate

What are the products and/or services of JX Luxventure Limited?

Overview of JX Luxventure Limited offerings
High-end fashion brand operations, providing luxury apparel and accessories through a network of boutique stores and online platforms.
Cross-border merchandise trade, focusing on exporting and importing high-quality goods including fashion and electronics between China and international markets.
Hospitality services, featuring luxury hotel and resort management to offer premium accommodation and experiences for tourists and business travelers.
Financial advisory and investment services, assisting companies and individuals in wealth management, investment strategies, and financial planning.
Real estate development, concentrating on the creation of luxury residential and commercial properties to meet the demand for high-end living and business spaces.
Technology innovations, developing and implementing cutting-edge solutions in digital marketing, e-commerce, and smart technology to enhance customer engagement and operational efficiency.

Who is in the executive team of JX Luxventure Limited?

JX Luxventure Limited leadership team
  • Ms. Sun  Lei
    Ms. Sun Lei
    CEO, Interim CFO, & Co-Chairwoman of the Board
  • Mr. Keyan  Yan
    Mr. Keyan Yan
  • Mr. Stylianos Stergios Sougioultzoglou
    Mr. Stylianos Stergios Sougioultzoglou
    Chief Strategic Officer and Head of Investor Relations
  • Ms. Ting Ting  Jiang
    Ms. Ting Ting Jiang
    Director of Marketing