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JUST (CRYPTO:JST), a DeFi platform on the TRON network, offers a diverse range of DeFi services, including lending, borrowing, and staking, all underpinned by the USDJ stablecoin pegged to the US dollar. The stability of USDJ is maintained through several mechanisms, notably collateralized debt positions (CDPs), where users deposit collateral in exchange for USDJ. If the value of USDJ dips below a set threshold, the collateral is liquidated. Another pivotal mechanism is the stability fee, charged to borrowers of USDJ. This fee is used to purchase and burn USDJ, helping to sustain its peg to the US dollar. JUST continues to expand its ecosystem and enhance user accessibility with ongoing projects. A decentralized exchange (DEX) is in the works, enabling users to trade USDJ and other cryptocurrencies without the need for intermediaries. Simultaneously, a mobile wallet project aims to facilitate the storage and management of USDJ and cryptocurrencies on mobile devices. JUST's overarching objectives are to simplify DeFi service usage, provide a secure investment platform, and boost TRON network adoption. With a robust team and a growing community, JUST stands as a promising player in the DeFi landscape, poised to shape its future significantly.
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Borrowing: JUST allows users to borrow cryptocurrency using their cryptocurrency as collateral. This can be a useful way to get access to liquidity without having to sell your cryptocurrency.
Farming: JUST allows users to farm JUST tokens by providing liquidity to the JUST DEX. This is a great way to earn high yields on your cryptocurrency holdings.
JUST is a versatile platform that offers a variety of services for DeFi users. It is a promising project with a strong team and a growing community.
Lending: JUST allows users to lend their cryptocurrency to other users in exchange for interest. This is a great way to earn passive income on your cryptocurrency holdings.
Saving: JUST allows users to save their USDJ stablecoins in exchange for interest. This is a great way to earn passive income on your USDJ holdings and to help support the JUST ecosystem.
Staking: JUST allows users to stake their JUST tokens in exchange for rewards. This is a great way to support the JUST ecosystem and to earn rewards at the same time.
Swapping: JUST allows users to swap cryptocurrencies without the need for a centralized exchange. This is a great way to trade cryptocurrencies quickly and easily.