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What does John Wiley & Sons B do?
John Wiley & Sons (NYSE:WLY), (NYSE:WLYB) is a renowned global publishing company that specializes in academic publishing, offering a vast array of products, including books, journals, and online content, across research, education, and professional fields. Its operations span across developing digital learning, assessment, and certification solutions to facilitate lifelong learning and solve the skills gap in various industries. The company aims to support researchers, professionals, instructors, and students in achieving their goals by providing essential content and innovative services. John Wiley & Sons B is committed to advancing knowledge and understanding in multiple subject areas through its dedicated efforts in publishing and digital education services.
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What sector is John Wiley & Sons B in?

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Communication Services

Where is the head office for John Wiley & Sons B?

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Head Office
Hoboken, United States

What year was John Wiley & Sons B founded?

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Year Founded
What does John Wiley & Sons B specialise in?
/Educational Publishing /Scientific Journals /Research Content /Online Learning /Professional Development /Publishing Services

What are the products and/or services of John Wiley & Sons B?

Overview of John Wiley & Sons B offerings
Scientific journal publishing, covering a wide range of academic fields.
Online library services, providing digital access to a vast repository of scientific and academic research.
Professional certification and training, offering courses and materials for various professional fields.
Educational textbooks and materials for higher education, including e-books and learning platforms.
Research and data services, offering tools and insights for academic and market research.
Open access publishing, allowing authors to publish work accessible to all.

Who is in the executive team of John Wiley & Sons B?

John Wiley & Sons B leadership team
  • Mr. Jesse Caleb Wiley
    Mr. Jesse Caleb Wiley
    Non-Executive Chairman
  • Ms. Christina M. Van Tassell
    Ms. Christina M. Van Tassell
    Executive VP & CFO
  • Mr. Aref  Matin
    Mr. Aref Matin
    Executive VP & CTO
  • Mr. James  Flynn
    Mr. James Flynn
    Executive VP and GM of Research & Learning
  • Mr. Todd R. Zipper
    Mr. Todd R. Zipper
    Executive VP & GM of Talent
  • Mr. Matthew S. Kissner
    Mr. Matthew S. Kissner
    Interim President, CEO & Employee Director
  • Mr. Andrew  Weber
    Mr. Andrew Weber
    Senior Vice President of Operations
  • Mr. Christopher F. Caridi
    Mr. Christopher F. Caridi
    Senior VP, Chief Accounting Officer & Global Corporate Controller