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JasmyCoin (CRYPTO:JASMY), guided by Jasmy Incorporated, a Japanese blockchain specialist, is a cryptocurrency designed for data sharing and monetization. Its core principles include data democracy, giving users control over their data; prioritizing privacy and security through encryption and blockchain tech; and ensuring transparency via the blockchain. Ongoing projects include the Jasmy Platform, a decentralized data sharing and monetization hub; the Jasmy IoT Platform for efficient IoT device management; and the Jasmy Data Marketplace for data trading. Jasmy's goals are to establish itself as a leading cryptocurrency for data sharing and monetization, democratize data ownership, enhance data privacy, and simplify blockchain integration for businesses and individuals.
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Tokyo, Japan

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/Ethereum Ecosystem /IoT

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Overview of JasmyCoin offerings
Data monetization: JasmyCoin allows users to buy and sell data on the Jasmy Data Marketplace.
Data privacy and security: JasmyCoin uses a variety of security measures to protect user data, including encryption and blockchain technology.
Data sharing: JasmyCoin allows users to share their data with others and earn JasmyCoin in return. This can help businesses to collect data that they need to improve their products and services, and it can help individuals to earn money from their data.
Decentralization: JasmyCoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency, which means that it is not controlled by any single entity.
IoT data management: JasmyCoin allows users to collect and store data from their IoT devices in a secure and efficient way.
Transparency: JasmyCoin is based on a blockchain platform, which makes all transactions transparent and traceable.