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What does iShares U.S. Healthcare ETF do?
iShares U.S. Healthcare ETF (NYSE:IYH) is a traded fund that focuses on investments within the U.S. healthcare sector, aiming to track the investment results of an index composed of U.S. equities in the healthcare sector. This encompasses a wide range of companies, from pharmaceutical firms to medical device manufacturers and healthcare service providers. iShares U.S. Healthcare ETF seeks to provide investors with exposure to the healthcare industry, known for its growth potential and resilience. Its objectives include capital appreciation and dividends, mirroring the performance of the Dow Jones U.S. Health Care Index. Through this fund, investors have the opportunity to diversify their portfolio by tapping into one of the most vital sectors of the economy.
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San Francisco, United States

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What does iShares U.S. Healthcare ETF specialise in?
/Healthcare Investments /Diversified Portfolio /Risk Management /Exchange Traded Fund /Asset Allocation /Capital Appreciation

What are the products and/or services of iShares U.S. Healthcare ETF?

Overview of iShares U.S. Healthcare ETF offerings
Provides diversified exposure to U.S. healthcare stocks across pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and healthcare equipment.
Offers potential for long-term growth by capitalizing on healthcare sector advancements and innovations.
Enables easy access to a wide range of healthcare companies through a single investment.
Designed for investors seeking to hedge against sector-specific risks while aiming for higher returns.
Operates with a focus on liquidity and transparency, providing real-time pricing and information on holdings.
Committed to minimizing costs for investors, offering a low expense ratio compared to actively managed funds.