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What does iShares MSCI Brazil ETF do?
iShares MSCI Brazil ETF (NYSE:EWZ) is an exchange-traded fund focusing on tracking the investment results of an index composed of Brazilian equities. This ETF seeks to provide investment results that, before fees and expenses, correspond generally to the price and yield performance of the MSCI Brazil 25/50 Index. Operating with the objective to offer investors a portfolio that mirrors the Brazilian market, it primarily invests in large and mid-sized companies across Brazil. The fund is managed with the goal of maximizing exposure to the growth potential of Brazil's economy, aiming to provide investors with a convenient and efficient way to gain broad exposure to the Brazilian stock market. Through its carefully selected portfolio, iShares MSCI Brazil ETF aims to be a vital tool for investors looking to diversify internationally with a focus on emerging markets.
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San Francisco, United States

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/Equity Fund /Emerging Markets /Large-Cap Stocks /Brazil Investments /Asset Management /Financial Services

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Overview of iShares MSCI Brazil ETF offerings
Tracks the MSCI Brazil 25/50 Index: The ETF replicates the performance of this index, which focuses on the 25 largest and 50 most liquid companies listed on stock exchanges in Brazil.
Invests in various sectors: The index composition encompasses companies across diverse sectors of the Brazilian economy, such as financials, materials, consumer staples, and utilities.
Provides exposure to the Brazilian market: EWZ offers investors a convenient way to gain exposure to the Brazilian stock market, potentially benefiting from its growth and economic developments.
Passively managed: The ETF passively follows the index composition, not actively selecting individual Brazilian stocks.
Aims for capital appreciation: EWZ seeks to grow in value over time by reflecting the potential growth of the underlying Brazilian companies.
Carries inherent risks: Like any investment, EWZ involves inherent risks such as market fluctuations, political and economic instability in Brazil, currency fluctuations (as the ETF trades in USD), and the risks associated with emerging markets, which can be more volatile than developed markets.