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What does iShares® Gold Trust Micro do?
iShares Gold Trust Micro (NYSE:IAUM) is a financial entity that focuses on providing investors with an opportunity to access the gold market. Its operations primarily involve issuing shares representing a fractional, undivided interest in its gold assets. This setup allows investors to gain exposure to the daily movement of gold prices without having to directly purchase, store, or insure physical gold. The main objective of iShares Gold Trust Micro is to reflect the performance of the price of gold, minus the Trust's expenses. It aims to offer a cost-effective and convenient way for investors, especially those looking for a micro investment option in gold, to diversify their investment portfolios and hedge against economic volatility. Through its direct correlation with the gold market, iShares Gold Trust Micro strives to provide liquidity and accessibility to investors drawn to the intrinsic value and historical reliability of gold as an asset class.
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San Francisco, United States

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/Gold Exposure /Passive Management /Portfolio Diversification /Low Costs /Liquidity Provider /Risk Management

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Overview of iShares® Gold Trust Micro offerings
Provides a low-cost investment in physical gold, offering investors a secure and transparent way to access the gold market.
Enables diversification for investors' portfolios by adding a non-correlated asset that historically holds its value.
Offers the convenience of buying and selling shares like stocks through a brokerage account, providing liquidity.
The Trust's physical gold is stored in secured vaults, ensuring safety and reducing the risks associated with physical ownership.
Designed for investors seeking a cost-effective and efficient method to invest in gold with minimal impact on the environment.
Facilitates hedging against inflation and currency risk, appealing to investors looking to protect their wealth over the long term.