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What does iShares Gold Trust do?
iShares Gold Trust (NYSE:IAU) offers investors a straightforward and effective way to access the gold market. It is traded solely on the NYSE Arca, making it easily accessible for those looking to invest in gold. The trust aims to reflect the performance of the price of gold bullion, less its expenses. By doing so, it provides an investment alternative for individuals and institutions interested in holding gold as part of their investment portfolio. The main objectives of iShares Gold Trust include offering a cost-efficient means for investors to achieve exposure to the gold market, providing liquidity through its shares, and maintaining the trust's physical gold bullion holdings. Its operations revolve around managing the underlying gold assets, ensuring the trust’s shares accurately reflect the movements in the gold market.
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San Francisco, United States

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/Gold Investment /Exchange Traded Fund /Commodity Trading /Asset Management /Investment Services /Physical Gold

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Overview of iShares Gold Trust offerings
Offers ETFs that aim to track the price of physical gold, providing investors with the opportunity to gain exposure to gold price movements.
Provides a secure, cost-efficient way for investors to access the gold market through a transparent, liquid, and tradeable financial instrument.
Allows investors to diversify their portfolio with gold, a commodity that often acts as a hedge against inflation and currency risk.
Enables easy buying and selling like stocks, offering flexibility and accessibility without the need to physically hold gold.
Offers potential tax advantages compared to owning physical gold, making it an attractive option for tax-efficient investing.
Provides detailed market insights and educational resources to help investors make informed decisions about including gold in their investment strategies.