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What does iShares Global Utilities ETF do?
iShares Global Utilities ETF (NYSE:JXI) focuses on the utilities sector, offering exposure to electricity, water, and gas utility companies across the globe. JXI aims to track the investment results of an index composed of global equities in the utilities sector, pursuing growth by investing in both developed and emerging markets. The ETF seeks to provide investors with a diversified entry point into utility companies, which are often considered stable investments due to the consistent demand for their services. Its objectives include delivering competitive returns while managing risks associated with the utilities industry. Through strategic investments and careful market analysis, iShares Global Utilities ETF strives to benefit from the essential services utilities companies provide, aiming for long-term growth and income for its investors.
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San Francisco, United States

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/Diversified Exposure /Investment Management /Global Utilities /Equity Fund /Risk Management /Asset Allocation

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Overview of iShares Global Utilities ETF offerings
Global utilities sector investments, focusing on electricity, gas, and water firms.
Diversified portfolio across developed and emerging markets utilities companies.
Regular dividend payments reflecting the utility sector's cash flow stability.
Exchange-traded fund (ETF) structure providing liquidity and lower costs.
Passive management strategy aiming to track the performance of the S&P Global Utilities Sector Index.
Access to sustainable energy and infrastructure investments as part of the broader utilities sector.