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What does iShares Global REIT ETF do?
iShares Global REIT ETF (NYSE:REET) is a fund that offers investors exposure to a wide array of real estate investment trusts (REITs) across the globe, aiming to provide a diversified portfolio in the real estate sector. This ETF tracks the performance of an index composed of global real estate equities, striving to invest in a mix of residential, commercial, and industrial REITs. It targets to give investors a blend of income through dividends and capital appreciation, making it a suitable choice for those looking to diversify their investments with real estate exposure. The objective of iShares Global REIT ETF is to mirror the investment results of an index composed of global equities in the real estate sector, allowing investors to gain broad exposure to real estate investments worldwide.
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San Francisco, United States

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/Real Estate /Global Exposure /Equity Fund /Liquid Investments /Professional Management /Diversified Portfolio

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Overview of iShares Global REIT ETF offerings
Global real estate investment through REITs and listed real estate companies.
Diversification of investment portfolio across various countries and sectors.
Access to liquidity through exchange-traded structure.
Potential for income generation through dividend yields.
Exposure to potential capital appreciation in the global real estate market.
Professional management and research supporting investment decisions.