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IRISnet (CRYPTO:IRIS) is a cutting-edge blockchain network prioritizing cross-chain interoperability for NFTs, services, and on/off-chain systems. Leveraging the Cosmos SDK and Tendermint consensus, it strives to be a high-performance, secure platform for decentralized applications (DApps). Operated by a decentralized validator network, IRISnet uses a delegated proof-of-stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism, enabling IRIS token holders to stake and vote. Its key attributes encompass cross-chain compatibility, a service-oriented architecture (SOA) for DApp development, and robust DApp support. IRISnet's ongoing projects include IRISnet 2.0, introducing cross-chain IBC and native NFT support, IRIS Hub for cross-chain asset trading, and the IRIS Service Network (ISN) for DApp enhancement. The core goals of IRISnet are to create a high-performance, secure DApp platform, promote cross-chain interoperability, and provide a developer-friendly environment. With potential in the DeFi and NFT ecosystems, the committed team continuously expands its capabilities and use cases.
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Overview of IRISnet offerings
Cross-chain interoperability: IRISnet enables cross-chain interoperability of NFTs, services, and on/off-chain systems. This allows users to interact with DApps on IRISnet and other blockchains without having to worry about the underlying blockchain technology.
High performance and scalability: IRISnet is designed to be a high-performance and scalable blockchain platform. It can process thousands of transactions per second and can support a large number of DApps.
IRIS Hub: IRIS Hub is a cross-chain DEX that allows users to trade assets between IRISnet and other blockchains. This makes it easy for users to access assets from different blockchains in one place.
IRIS Service Network (ISN): ISN is a network of decentralized services that provide support for DApps on IRISnet. This includes services such as data storage, computing, and identity management.
IRIS Wallet: IRIS Wallet is a non-custodial wallet that allows users to store and manage their IRIS tokens. It also supports cross-chain transfers and other features.
Service-oriented architecture (SOA): IRISnet uses a service-oriented architecture (SOA) to make it easy for developers to build and deploy DApps on the network. This allows developers to focus on their core business logic without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure.